GASOIL D2 GOST 305-82 Fuel Oil

Product Description

  • Details:

    • High Quality
    • Iranian Oil

General Data

Properties Unit Result
Density @ 20℃Kg/m³860 max.
Fraction Composition (Distillation), 50% Distilled280 max.
Fraction Composition (Distillation), 96% Distilled360 max.
Cetane Index 45 min.
Kinematic Viscosity @ 20℃mm² (cst)min. 3.6 - max. 6
AciditymgKOH for 100 cm³ of Fuel10 max.
Ash Content%0.01 max.
Sulfur Content%0.2 max.
Mercaptan Sulfur Contents%0.02 max.
Hydrogen Sulfide Contents%None
Copper Plate Test Passed
Water Soluble Acids & Alkalis None
Contents of Mechanical Impurities None
Water Contents None
Flash Point Determined in a Closed Cap, 2062 min.
Pour Point -10 max.
Turbidity Temperature -5 max.
Iodine Numberg/iodine per 100g of Fuel5 max.
Actual Resinsmg per 100cm³ of Fuel25 max.
Coking Capability of 10% Residue%0.2 max.
Color ASTM 2 max.