MAZUT M100 10585-75/90 Fuel Oil

Product Description

  • Details:

    • High Quality
    • Iranian Oil

General Data

Properties Unit Result
Ash Content%<0.14
Mass Fraction of Sulphur, Low Sulphur Residual Oil%<0.8
Temperature of the Flash, in the Open Crucible110 min.
Temperature of Pour Point<25
Kinematic Viscosity 118 max.
Water Content%0.5
Mechanical Impurities%<0.1
Alkalinity Nil
Gross Galorific ValueKcal/kg/KJ/kg9200/41300 min.
Density @ 15℃Kg/L0.88-0.9
Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S)pom0.5 max.
Carbon Residual%<7
Vanadium (V)ppm123
Aluminium (Al)ppm5
Silikon (Si)ppm12
Nickel (Ni)ppm49
Distillationmm Hg4
Extracted tomm Hg760
Initial Boiling Point216
5% Recovered259
10% Recovered310
24% Recovered358
30% Recovered445
40% Recovered502
50% Recovered534
60% Recovered538
75% Recovered545
80% Recovered 
95% Recovered550
End Boiling Point560
Percent Recovered Vol.%78
Total Nitrogen%0.192
Sodium (Na)ppm15