ABF ECI M53 Cobra

Steel Shield Advanced Racing Oils


    • Ultimate protection Valve Train, Cam Wear, Bearings weight loss/wear/corrosion
    • Keeps Grooves Clean, Piston Ring Free
    • Increased engine durability and life, and less down time
    • Elevate output power by 10 subject to the current status of the engine

  • Available Volumes:

    • 1 L
    • 4 L
    • 20 L
    • 200 L
    • 1000 L
  • Available SAE Grades:

    • 5W40
Specifications MSDS

M53 series COBRA is an Advanced full synthetic multigrade Racing oil for high powered Racing and Modified engines in Super Cars Formulated with the unique Steel Shield ABF Ionic Levitation Technology and the Military Grade base oils it alive the Giant hidden energy inside the engine The unsurpassed performance in Power, Smoothness Responsiveness will allow you to SEE it and to FEEL it HOLD it in your HAND and spur your wheels towards the EXTREME The combined Military Grade base oil provides excellent film strength to effectively withstand oxidation of the oil under high operating temperatures commonly found in racing conditions ABF M 53 COBRA exceeds the toughest standards called for by Japanese, European and American Super Car builders

The unique Steel Shield ABF Technology of the oils provides outstanding performance and protection even in the most extreme conditions.


M53 series high performance oil is tailor made for high revving, turbo charged and supercharged multi valve fuel injection engines


  • ACEA A3/B4-16
  • MB-229.3/5/6/226.5
  • Porsche A40
  • VW 50200/50500
  • Renault RN0700/0710 VCC95200356
  • Ford WSS-M2C913-D M2C937-A STJLR.03.5003/5004
  • BMW

General Data

Properties Standard Unit 5W40
Viscosity @ 40 °CASTM D445cSt90.86
Viscosity @ 100 °CASTM D445cSt14.51
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270 166
Pour PointASTM D97°C-42
Flash Point COCASTM D92°C≥224
Density @ 30 °CASTM D4052kg/l0.8570
TBNASTM D2896mgKOH/gm8.21