The Ultimate Enchancer & Protector For Heavy Duty Diesel Engines


    • Effective control of piston deposits, wear and corrosion
    • Enhanced engine cleanliness and viscosity control
    • Extended oil drain interval, Increase output power, Reduce downtime
    • High thermal and high oxidation stability
    • Protect the exhaust catalysts and particulate filters

  • Available Volumes:

    • 1 L
    • 4 L
    • 20 L
    • 200 L
    • 1000 L
  • Available SAE Grades:

    • 10W30
    • 15W40
Specifications MSDS

ABF ECI M7 Energy are the new generation high performance diesel engine oils specially formulated to meet on-highway exhaust emission standards. With low SAPS technology, these oils provide excellent protection for emission control systems, reduce engine wear, and control piston deposits. When used in conjunction with ultra low sulphur (max. 15ppm), diesel fuel, the oil consumption will be significantly reduced.

The unique Steel Shield ABF Technology of the oils provides outstanding performance and protection even in the most extreme conditions.


ABF ECI M7 Energy are the most suitable diesel engine oils for use in 2007 models high performance diesel engines equipped with advanced diesel particulate filters and exhaust gas recirculation systems. It can also be used for all types of heavy duty diesel engines for both on- and off-highway fleets. They are also highly recommended for MB 228.31, MAN M 3275, VOLVO VDS-4, MACK EO-O PP07, Detroit Diesel 93K218, 93K215, Caterpillar ECF-1A, ECF-2 and ECF-3, RVI RDL-3, Cummins CES 20071 and CES 20081, etc.


  • API CJ-4/CI-4, PLUS/CI-4, SM/SL/SJ
  • ACEA E9-08/E7-08

General Data

Properties Standard Unit 10W30 15W40
Viscosity @ 40 °CASTM D445cSt70.8116
Viscosity @ 100 °CASTM D445cSt11.514.8
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270 143136
Pour PointASTM D97°C-36-25
Flash Point COCASTM D92°C212218
TBNASTM D2896mgKOH/g10.110.1
Sulphated AshASTM D874%wt<1.0<1.0
Mass Density @ 15°C kg/l0.8720.872