Steel Shield HI-PO RACING 4T
(Formerly 4-Cycle Ultimate Razer Quad-Motion Motorcycle Oil)

Not For Everyone But The Champions


    • Enhanced friction durability, optimizes clutch performance
    • Excellent oxidation, thermal stability
    • Extend oil drain interval
    • Minimize maintenance costs
    • Outstanding wear and corrosion protection
    • Prolong engine life
    • Superior engine cleanliness

  • Available Volumes:

    • 1 L
    • 4 L
    • 20 L
    • 200 L
    • 1000 L
  • Available SAE Grades:

    • 20W50
Specifications MSDS

Products that derive from our experience in motorcycle racing and close collaboration with the champions of the sector.

A top synthetic lubricant combining the unique Steel Shield ABF technology specially formulated for race that guarantees maximum engine protection, also in severe riding conditions. It's characteristics of resistance to extreme conditions and optimal viscosity are also felt after prolonged use. In deed, the high level of viscosity encourages exceptional resistance to the shear stress to which the product is subjected, low volatility and a high level of thermos-oxidation stability.

ABF Technology ensures smooth cold start with maximum protection even when the engine has been standing for some time and high load conditions. The special formulation ensures high performance in terms of detergent/dispersant, antirust, antifoam, antioxidation and antiwear properties.


All types of gasoline 4T motorcycle engines


  • API SG
  • JASO MA, MA2

General Data

Properties Standard Unit 20W50
Viscosity @ 40 °C mm²/s160
Viscosity @ 100 °C mm²/s20.4
Viscosity at -15 °C mPa.s9000
Viscosity Index  149
Pour Point °C-39
Flash Point °C230
Mass Density @ 15°C Kg / L0.897