The Ultimate Lubricant To Protect ANY Moving Parts


    • Dramatically reduces wear
    • Extends parts life and component realibity
    • Improves lubrication
    • Protects moving metal parts
    • Reduces friction
    • Reduces maintenance and downtime
    • Reduces operating temperatures
    • Smoother operation

  • Available Volumes:

    • 16 oz.
    • 32 oz.
    • 4 L
    • 20 L
    • 200 L
    • 1000 L
Specifications MSDS

STEEL SHIELD Extreme Pressure Anti-Wear (EPA)™ is the ultimate protection for the moving metal parts for industry. Utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, it protects moving metal parts from heat, friction and wear in engines, transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, hydraulic pumps and motors, gear boxes, and other enclosed lubrication systems, due to boundary conditions of frictional abrasion, extreme pressure torque, dry startup and shutdown. Increased performance and greatly reduced maintenance and downtime are the results. These performance goals are achieved through ABF Technology by lowering the operating temperatures, extending the life of component parts and increasing reliability.


  1. Engines
  2. Transmissions
  3. Differentials
  4. Hydraulic Systems
  5. Open Gears
  6. Gear Boxes
  7. Gear Reducers
  8. Gear Couplings
  9. Electric Motors
  10. Heavy Machinery
  11. Weapon Systems

Directions of Usage

  • Gasoline And Diesel Engines: Add 2 oz. per quart of oil.
  • Auto Transmissions: Add 1 oz. per quart of fluid.
  • Manual Transmissions & Differentials: Add 2 oz. per quart of gear lube/oil.
  • Gear Boxes: Add 2-3 oz. per quart. Hydraulics: Add 1 oz. per quart of fluid.
  • Contains no volatiles or solvents. Contains synthetic hydrocarbons and advanced chemical additive technology. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

General Data

Properties Standard Unit Result
Flash Point 226
Boiling point 238
Evaporation rate  <0.01
Vapor pressure  <1@25℃
Specific gravity  1.07