General Guideline To Maximize The Efficiencies Of Your Machines

The following list identifies some of the usages of Steel Shield products around the home, shop and recreational areas. It is meant to show expanded uses of the Steel Shield product line. Apply Steel Shield products to these areas and others and see the profound results.

Item Product(s) Where Dosage
Washers & dryersSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotorFew drops in oil reservoir
Fans (ceiling, room)Spray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotorFew drops in oil reservoir
DishwashersSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotorFew drops in oil reservoir
Air-ConditionersSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotor, Bearings30ml in oil reservoir
Bench motorsSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotor, BearingsFew drops in oil reservoir
Power toolsSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldMotor, BearingsFew drops in air intake coupler
BicyclesSpray-Shied, Strike-ShieldGears, ChainSpray or apply liberally
 Lithi-ShieldWheel bearingsApply liberally
Water pumpsLithi-ShieldMotor, BearingsPepack directly to bearing
Skates, SkateboardsSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldBearingsSpray or apply liberally
ChainsawsFuel-ShieldEngine (2-cycle)Mix with gas (30ml/8L)
Shotguns & riflesWeapon-ShieldAll moving partsSpray or apply liberally
Fishing reelsReel-ShieldMetal partsDirectly to bearings
Wheel chairsSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldBearings, Foot padsFew drops to bearings
HingesSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldHingeFew drops to hinge
Lawn moversSteel Shield EPA, Fuel-ShieldEngineMix 15ml per 500ml oil or Mix 30ml/8L gas (2-cycle)
Sliding glass doorsSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldMetalFew drops in rails and tracks
Penetrating (corrosion)Spray-Shield, Strike-ShieldAnywhereSpray directly to nuts, bolts etc.
Golf cartsReel-ShieldMotorFew drops in oil reservoir
 Spray-Shield, Strike-ShieldWheel bearingsRepack
 Spray-Shield, Steel Shield EPAShaft, EngineSpray or apply liberally
Sewing machinesSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldLube partsFew drops to moving parts
Hedge clippersSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldMotor, BladeFew drops, spray on blade
Pinking shearsSpray-Shield, Strike-ShieldBladeFew drops on blade

Systems requiring oil or grease for lubrication are virtually everywhere. If you can imagine the lubrication areas, STEEL SHIELD doesn’t only fulfill the need but make it ever better.