An Elite Protect Which Protects Millions Of Metal Parts & Reduces Maintenance Budgets Dramatically


    • Provides Maximum Protection Against Wear And Extreme Pressure
    • Adheres To Metal Exhibiting Top Performance In Roll Stability
    • Provides Constant Lubrication To All Areas
    • Offers The Maximum In Friction Reduction
    • Resists Water Washout

  • NLGI Grade:

    • No. 2
  • Available Volumes:

    • 2 oz. Tub
    • 14 oz. Crtg
    • 1 lb Tub
    • 5 lb Tub
    • 35 lb Pail
    • 120 lb Keg
    • 400 lb Drum
Specifications MSDS

LITHI-SHIELD™ is the ultimate in extreme pressure anti-wear lithium complex grease. It exceeds all other lithium complex greases due to the addition of ABF (Advanced Boundary Film)Technology, extreme pressure and antifriction additives added to its formula. LITHI-SHIELD™ treats, seals and smooths metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction, as well as friction related heat and wear. LITHI-SHIELD's™ unique formulation allows it to exceed the performance of other greases while using smaller quantities. In fact, LITHI-SHIELD™ exhibits great oxidation resistance, over twice that of its nearest competitor.

Lithi Shield Outperforms Top Class Geases Made By Yamamoto And Atlas

In Four Ball Extreme Pressure Tests

Download Lithi Shield Full Test Report

Test Item Four-Ball Extreme Pressure Properties Lithi Shield Yamamoto EP Grease Atlas Chisel Lube
Loading Ability Corrected Load 851.1 501.68 302.79
Anti-Wear Ability Load Wear Index 92.27 66.73 41.23
High Temperature Loading Weld Point 800 315 315
High Pressure Loading LNSL 80 63 50


  1. All Extreme Pressure Applications
  2. Axles
  3. Bearings
  4. Boat Trailers And Marine Applications
  5. Chassis Fittings
  6. Conveyors
  7. CV Joints
  8. Heavy Equipment
  9. Mining Equipment
  10. Pumps
  11. Railroad Equipment
  12. Rotating Machinery
  13. Universal Joints

Directions of Usage

Follow the maintenance manuals of the machines

General Data

Properties Standard Unit Result
NLGI Grade  No. 2
Penetration, Worked, 60s D-217 265 - 295
Penetration, UnworkedD-217 265 - 295
Thickener TypeD-217 Lithium Complex
Thickener, %D128 8 - 11
ColorD128 Light Amber
TextureD128 Smooth
Dropping pointD-2265500
Viscosity @ 40℉D-445cSt220
Viscosity @ 100℉D-445cSt19
Viscosity IndexD-2270 95
Flash PointD-92464
Fire PointD-92550
Timken OK loadD-2509lbs.60
RustD-1743 Pass
Copper CorrosionD-4048 1B
4-Ball Wear TestD-2266mm0.68
4-Ball EP Weld TestD-2596Kg Min.800 / Pass
Oxidation Induction time @210℃D-5483min11.47
Water washout @ 79℃D-1264 0.027
Mobility at 77℉US Steel Mobility Testg/min576
Mobility at 60℉US Steel Mobility Testg/min275.4
Mobility at 40℉US Steel Mobility Testg/min86.6
Mobility at 20℉US Steel Mobility Testg/min15.3
Mobility at 0℉US Steel Mobility Testg/min1.6