Where Ultimate Lubricants Meet Massive Applications Recognitions

Main Battle Tanks

MBT 3000, Type 99, 98, 96, 90, 88, 85, 80, 79, 69, and Type 59, Chieftain, M48A5, M60A1, T62, 72, M113, AMX30, EE9, 11, MOWAG Roland, Waid, Leopard 2, 2A6/7, K2 Black Panther, M1A2 SEP, Challenger 2, Merkava Mk4, TK-X, Leclerc, T90, Oplot M, etc.

Light / Amphibious Tanks

ZTD-05, ZTL-05, ZBD-05, ZBD-2000, Type 63, Type 62, PT-76, MK-V, FV101, PL-01, M551 etc.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

WZ0001, ZBF-05, ZTD-05, ZTL-05, ZBD-04, ZBD-05, BK1050, Type 07, ZBD2000, ZLC2000, NGIFV, ZBD97, NVH-4, NVH-1, YW307, YW309, NFV-1, ZSL-93, Type 91 IFV, Type 90/92A/ZSL-92A, Type 92/ZSL-92, Type 90, Type 89, Type 86/WZ 501/WZ 501A/WZ 503/WZ 504, Puma, BMP-3, BMD, CV9030N, Commando MK3 APC, ATROM, M80-A, AMX-10, MLI-84, KTO, Abhay IFV, VCC-80, MIT 89 IFV etc.

Armored Personnel Carriers

8M, CSVP4, CSVP3, WZ0001, ZTD05, ZTL-05, ZBD-04, ZBD-05, BK1050, Type 07, ZFB08, NGIFB, BK1990, Type 90, ZSD90, ZSL-93, ZSL-92, Type 89, YW309, NFV-1, Type 85, Type 81, Type 77, Type 63, etc.

ATGM Carriers

SW1, ZBD2000, WZ551, Type 89, WZ504, WZ550, Type 63, M1134, VBL Milan 010, 114 Hellfire etc.

Light Armored Fighting Vehicles

ZFB08, QL550, ZFB05, VN3, M95 Degman, Tiger Kader, Super Sherman, DAF M39 etc.

All types of Naval Warships

Aircraft Carrier, Submarines (Ballistic Missile, Nuclear-Powered Attack, Guided Missile), Surface Combatants (Cruisers, Destroyers & Frigates), Amphibious Warfare Ships, Logistics/Support and Mine Warfare Ships, Combat Ships, Maritime Prepositioning Warfare Ships, etc.

Further Categories

All Rocket Artillery Vehicles, Gun Artillery Vehicles, Anti-Tank Gun Vehicles, Anti-Aircraft Munitions Vehicles, Auto-cannon Vehicles, Surface-to-Air Launcher Vehicles and All Non-Combat/Combat Support Vehicles and Trucks.

All Types of Engines

Use Engine Shield in a 2 ounce per quart ratio, added directly to engine oil. For example, if the motor contains 30 quarts of motor oil, then add 60 ounces (2 oz x 30 quarts ) of Engine Shield directly to the motor oil. No oil removal for displacement purposes is necessary.

Transmissions / Gear Box

Use Transmission Shield in a 1 ounce per quart ratio, added directly to the transmission. Example: if the transmission contains 30 quarts of transmission fluid, then add 30 ounces (1 oz x 30 quarts ) of Transmission Shield to the transmission, automatic and manual types alike. No oil removal for displacement purposes is necessary.

Tank Track / Tread Rollers and Grease Fitting Bearings

Replace standard and specialty use grease with Lithi-Shield Grease in all bearing and grease fitting applications.