Lubricants are a compound of different chemicals, mixing different brands of make may cause adverse cross effects amongst these elements.

For best results, flush your machine every time you change your oil brand.

If OEM was to stipulate its own brand and/or a particular brand of oil exclusively, it would be required by law to provide it free of charge. Otherwise it would be a violation of the Robinson-Patman Act.

For best performance and return of investment, we recommend avoid using Steel Shield products with lubricants containing Ester, Glycol, Ether, Phosphate, VME, Phenyl/Phenol, Silicate & Boron Oxide.

Keywords to look for on MSDS or Product Description/Technical Sheet:

  1. Glycol Synthetic Esters - Alkanolamine, Polyol Glycols
  2. Organic Ester Synthetics - Vegetable Methyl Ester
  3. Phosphate Esters - Triphenol Butylated Phosphate, Trisecyl Phosphate, Tricresyl Phosphate
  4. Silicone Oils - Methyl Silicone, Phenyl Methyl Silicone, Silicate Ester/Disiloxane
  5. Synthetic Ether - Polyphenyl Ether, Chlorinated Diphenyl Ether, Perfluorinated polyether