Steel Shield EPA Acidity Test on Copper in Italy
(28 Jun 2019)

Test Procedures

This is additives corrosion test. 1mL of oil of each brand were diluted in 10mL used oil at 190°c for 1.5 hours with copper coins. 1/4 of copper coins were used each test. The objective was to compare the acidity of Steel Shield EPA with additives of other brands. If the coin after the test appears to be light and shine, than the oil is less acid which is good for the engine. If the coin becomes dark after the test, that means the coin was heavily corroded by the oil due to high acidity.

Test Results

The results shown in the pictures below revealed Steel Shield EPA can truely protect the engines from corrosion due to extrememly low acidity as the copper coin after the test appeared to be light and very shine. Most of the coins were corroded by the oils of other brands. Therefore, Steel Shield EPA is absolutely the best choice if you want your engine to last longer.

Steel Shield EPA: The Best Result

The Runner Up

The Worest Cases