Download Steel Shield Super-XL Full Test Report

Test Report Summary

The test reports from the Southwest Research Institute have clearly stated that Steel Shield Technologies products are the winners.

Timken Test is designed to test the performance of lubricants with viscosities lower than 5000 cSt@40℃. Temperature reflects the coefficients of friction of lubricants. By testing the maximum loading of lubricants within a specific temperature range (38 ~ 39℃), the degree of Load-Wear Index can be obtained. The results are compared as follows:

Steel Shield Super-XL 5W30 and Mobil 5W30 have scored 45 and 12 pound respectively in the Okay Load, and scored 50 and 15 pound respectively in the Score Load. Therefore, Steel Shield is superior to Mobil by 350% in loading and anti-wear abilities.

Steel Shield XHD-7 15W40 and Shell R-3T 15W40 scored 35 and 21 pound respectively in the OK Load, and scored 40 and 24 pound respectively in the Score Load. Therefore, Steel Shield is superior to Shell by 170% in loading and anti-wear abilities. These results proved that Steel Shield products have excellent performance in heavy loading conditions and have outstanding anti-wear abilities. Steel Shield can greatly improve the efficiencies of mechanical systems.

The 4-Ball Test tests high viscosities lubricants, and anti-wear additives. The 4-Ball Tests have proved that the anti-wear and high loading performance of Steel Shield products without high viscosities can be as excellent as greases. The most important indexes of 4-Balls Test are LWI and Weld Point which the majority of people believe indexes with larger numbers are better. But traditional lubricant formulas achieve anti-wear abilities by high viscosity. The higher the viscosity, the lower the efficiency. The Corrected Loads of Steel Shield Super-XL 5W30 and XHD-7 15W40 are 228Kgf and 139Kgf respectively. They are much higher than Mobil One (53Kgf) and Shell (55Kgf)。The LWI are 47Kgf verse 42Kgf, and 40Kgf verse 42Kgf which appear similar. However, the Weld Point of Steel Shield are 315Kg and 250Kg which are higher than 200Kg (Mobil One and Shell). This tells us the truth.

Steel Shield Technologies have demonstrated its ultimate performance.