Steel Shield Red Fox and Engine Shield Acidity Test on Copper in Italy (Dec 2019)
Compare with: Motor Kote, Windigo ECO, Xado Very Lube Turbo and Militec-1 USA

Test Procedure of Corrosion

Put the coins into the cups of each oil and let the coins to stand vertically inside the cup. Then, heat the oils at 150°C for 6 hours, followed by 10 minutes of heating at 200°C. Take the coins out of the cups and put them onto the papers.

Test Results

Before the test, the color and shineness of the coins were uniform all over the face of the coins. After the test, it was observed that half of the face of some coins became darker, or change in color. The darken of the faces were caused by corrosion due to the acidity of the oils. That may damage the car engine when the oil of high acidity is used.

The results showed that the color / shineness differences of the coins were almost not noticeable when Steel Shield Engine Shield (5%) or Steel Shield Red Fox (100%) were used. This proved that Steel Shield lubricants have very low acidities and protect the engine from corrosion. Therefore, Steel Shield won this competition.