Steel Shield Red Fox vs Pakelo 3 and Motul 7100 on Yamaha Streetcat YZF 600 R6 (13th Dec, 2019)
Yamaha Streetcat YZF 600 R6 Test

Basic information about Dynapack:

Dyno Test Results

The results of the Dynapack Power Measurement Dynamometer test on a Yamaha Streetcat YZF 600 R6 in 2019 was recorded. Three lubricants were being tested: Steel Shield Red Fox, Pakelo 3 and Motul 7100. Before the test was started, Steel Shield "Dr. Engine Debris Terminator" was used to clean the engine. After Steel Shield Rex Fox was applied to the vehicle, the maximum horse power reached 124.4 hp/rpm, and the maximum torque recorded as high as 6.5 mkg at 11,043 revolutions. This proved that Steel Shield outperformed the rivals.