The DDEC Report have two separate mileage calculations listed on them. The first, Fuel Economy is the miles per gallon on the entire trip. The Fuel Economy is based on the entire trip distance divided by the entire trip fuel usage.
The second, Driving Economy, is the miles per gallon based on driving time only. It only includes the time when the unit is seeing road speed, in other words while the truck is in drive. Driving Economy does not include any time spend idling or while the vehicle is parked.

Download D60 Diesel Engine Fuel Saving Report

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Truck Shield

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Test Report Summary

The Fuel Saving Report (please download the full report by clicking the red link above) can be concluded as follows:

  1. With the applications of Truck Shield, the fuel costs SAVED can dramatically reach USD 120,000.
  2. Miles per Gallon (MPG) of diesel fuel consumed can extend from 6.02 MPG to 6.82 MPG which have a significiant 13% increased in fuel economy.

The graph above reveals the potential fuel cost savings of Truck #1480 in Hong Kong’s situation. The figures in the United States Fuel Saving Report was translated and adjustments are made for Hong Kong customers:

  1. Miles per Gallon (MPG) is translated to Km / Litre
  2. The fuel cost in the U.S. was USD 2.95 per gallon, it is replaced by the fuel cost of Hong Kong which is HKD 11.42 / Litre

From the graph above, it can be concluded that the higher the Potential km / litre with Truck Shield, the larger the Potential Cost Savings.