Dramatic Decrease In Maintenance Cost But Skyrocketed Efficiency

Selecting the right lubricant for machinery operations positively impacts the plant's bottom line. Companies can extend equipment life, increase productivity and avoid unnecessary repair work related to mechanical degradation and failures with Steel Shield lubricants. The key for companies to choose a right air-compressor oil is to use Steel Shield because the lubricants meets the requirements of plant operations.

The excellent thermal oxidative stability of Steel Shield Gas Compressor Oils are effective to eliminate the deleterious by-product of oxidation, resulting in extended service life of the plant equipment, saving resource cost continuously. Effectively, the companies can do more for less.

On top of these benefits, the Steel Shield Air Compressor Oil's natural detergency and dispersing capabilities are able to remove internal deposits which make sure smooth running, and keep the system clean. Steel Shield are environmentally friendly product and provide biodegradable properties. The high level of operational safety is achieved by Steel Shield's high flash points. With the applications of Steel Shield Air Compressor Oils and intelligent maintenance strategies, the gas manufacturer can gain much higher benefit from efficient operations.

Steel Shield Air Compressor Oils have high-quality viscometrics, high-temperature stability and sealing capabilities to keep the compressors at the best performance level. Also, Steel Shield are helping the customers to achieve their business goals for many years.