Dramatically Increase In Gear Life And Outstanding Smoothness In Transmission Systems

Factors Affecting Lubrication of Enclosed Gears

The lubricant in an enclosed gear system is operated under highly severe service, being thrown from the gear teeth and shafts in the state of a mist or spray. Under this atomized condition, they can be easily oxidized by the air. Lubricants temperature increase due to the heat generated by metallic friction caused by friction and the severe churning and agitation of the lubricant by the gears of splash-lubricated components. The rate of temperature increases lead to the high rate of oxidation and futher lead to formations of sludge and heat-insulating deposits which obstruct oil flow, decrease the efficiency of coolings and further increase oxidation rate. They may also cause interference of heat flow in oil coolers or heat dissipation from the gear system cases. Unstable or restrictions in the lubricants flow may cause lubrication failure and damage the gears system.

Steel Shield Gear Lubricants are highly recommended over other brands because they have unique ABF Technologies which treats the metal, not the oil. Also, they have the following outstanding characteristics:

  1. Excellent viscosity index over the operating temperature to ensure even distribution of oil on all contact surfaces and create protective oil films at various speeds and pressures
  2. Excellent cold start ability due to low temperature fluidity which allows oil circulations at low temperature
  3. Outstanding chemical stability to prevent oxidation under high temperatures operations and agitation in the presence of air which greatly extend lubricant life
  4. Outstanding demulsibility which allows rapid water separation and prevent the formation of harmful emulsions
  5. Excellent rust-prevention characteristics that protect gear and bearing surfaces from rusting due to water, moisture, or humid atmospheres
  6. Steel Shield lubricants are non-corrosive, and therefore they will NOT cause chemical attack any metals
  7. Excellent foam control to prevent the formation of foam in reservoirs and gear cases
  8. Compatible with system parts like seals, paints, and any gear metallurgy

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