Outstanding Extreme Pressure Properties, Metal Protection From Corrosions And Greatly Extended Machine Life

In the hydraulic systems, erratic operation of valves and actuators due to inadequate oil performance properties such as oil degradation (oxidation) that causes deposits to form in critical clearance areas, can leads to huge losses in production. With the close clearances, different metallurgies, various elastomers, and high pressures and temperatures, service life and performance of all the system components depend on proper selection and maintenance of the hydraulic fluids.

Steel Shield Hydraulic Fluids can transmit pressure and energy. They can also minimize friction and wear, sealing close-clearance parts from leakage, removing heat, minimizing system deposits, flushing away wear particles and contamination, and protecting surfaces from rust and corrosion. Steel Shield Hydraulic Fluids have the following outstanding characteristics:

  1. Excellent viscosity control
  2. Highly stable viscosity index (VI)
  3. Excellent in wear protection, oxidation stability, antifoaming and air separation characteristics
  4. Demulsibility (water-separating characteristics)
  5. Rust protection
  6. Good compatibility of different materials
  7. Environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable