Ensure Machines To Operate At The Best Performance Under Harsh Environments And Conditions

Gas compressor elevates the pressure of a compressible fluid, typically air, or a host of other gases. Dynamic compressors are based on the principle of imparting velocity to a gas stream and then converting this velocity energy into energy of pressure. Positive displacement compressors confine a certain inlet volume of gas in a given space and then increase the pressure of the gas. The overwhelming majority of compressors in either the dynamic (axial/centrifugal) or positive displacement (reciprocating and screw-type) category incorporate moving components.

The overwhelming majority of gas compressors are recommend to be served by high quality Steel Shield Gas Compressor Oils with ABF Technologies with ISO viscosity grades of 32 or 46. There are many different types of compressors and manufacturers which may recommend lubricants that have been used on a test stand and at controlled user facilities. However, Steel Shield Gas Compressor Oils are recommended to replace these lubricants because Steel Shield treats the metal, not the oil! Steel Shield Gas lubricants can provide the following benefits:

  1. Unique ABF Technology
  2. Highly extended lubricants life without the need of replacement
  3. Prevention the formations of acidity, sludge, deposit
  4. Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion, even during shutdown
  5. Excellent demulsibility to shed water that enters the lubrication system
  6. Easy filterability without additive depletion
  7. Excellent foam controls